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How To Order Your Custom Essay

You can skip reading this and JUST CALL OUR OFFICE!

Essay Experts makes it easy for you to order any of our services. We have regular business office hours to serve you in person or we have after-hours phone service. Our staff of knowledgeable academic advisors is available to help you in person or via phone/email with any questions you may have. Here are some instructions on how to order from our company.

Ordering Custom Essay Writing & Application Essay Writing
(order online or come into our office)

Here are some key points to remember to include when you're ordering:

1. Make sure you know what your topic is. Clearly state your topic.

This helps us determine exactly what we're writing about and what to research. Be clear, concise and to the point. Any pertinent information about the paper can be stated after you've clearly outlined your topic.

2. Give us the class your essay is for.

Knowing what class your essay is for will help us write your model paper accordingly. Knowing whether your model essay is for a psychology or an international relations class will help us write an essay suited for that particular class.

3. Give us the number of sources you want us to include within the essay.

This helps us understand the depth of research needed to complete your model essay.

4. Give us a deadline that you can work with. Make sure to give yourself enough time.

Being specific with the information you want included in your paper will help us focus your model paper on what's important. (ie. If you request an essay on the American Civil war, it would be of value to know if you want a general essay on the Civil War or something more specific. Letting us know what you want us to focus on what happened before the war, during or if you want us to focus primarily on reconstruction). Detailing what's needed and spending the time at the beginning will get you what you're looking for rather than getting a paper that you realized is different because you didn't give us the specifics needed.

5. Give us a deadline that you can work with. this means that you request your essay back with enough time to write your own.

We can write a great paper no matter your deadline. When ordering make sure you give yourself enough time to receive your paper and be able to work on it yourself before it is due.

If at any time you have a question or concern just pick up the phone and call!

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Ordering Essay Editing & Application Essay Editing
(order online or come into our office)

Ordering our essay editing service is simple.  Here are three simple steps to order our editing service:

1. Go to our essay editing order form or our application editing order form. Click browse and upload the file you want edited.  Our system will count the words in this file. We will only use the file you upload as it will be correctly priced.

2. Fill in the personal information and you can give us requirements of what you want done with the essay.  Once you click submit you will get an order id, please write this down.

3. You can call our office to confirm your order or wait patiently and one of our academic advisors will contact you to confirm your order.