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University Of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo campus was built on what was once farmland. Until recently, the University of Waterloo campus enjoyed a quietly secluded existence away from downtown Waterloo. Recent housing developments and business buildings have sprouted up around it, but the campus itself still enjoys its sprawling location of 405 hectares.

The University of Waterloo celebrates its 50 th anniversary in 2007. Originally a college dealing primarily with mathematics, sciences, and engineering, Waterloo has expanded its scope to cover a much broader spectrum of subjects including health sciences, environmental studies, and computer studies.

Today, Waterloo’s claim to fame is its co-operative education program, which is the largest post-secondary co-op program in the world. Co-op students are given exciting opportunities to gain hands-on experience with companies and organizations while furthering their studies and earning their degrees. The co-op experience is extremely helpful for career-minded students. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, said during a 2005 visit to Waterloo, "Most years, we hire more students out of Waterloo than any university in the world, typically 50 or even more." ¹

Statistically, Waterloo has a very successful graduation rate. At 79.9% it is above the provincial average of 74.9%. The employment rate for Waterloo graduates is 90.1% after six months and 96% after two years. ²

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11 January 2007.

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