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Essay Experts Canada Comprehensive Editing

Comprehensive Editing Service –
Not All Editing Services Are Created Equal!

Our editing service offers an intensive examination and editing of your essay. One of our editing experts will give your essay an in-depth review in order to improve its content, structure, tone, flow, and to correct your grammatical errors. Through this process, you will learn what changes can be made to significantly improve your essay. A writer will make changes over your own text – in the MS Word document you provide – so that you can see the difference between your essay and the final draft our editor provides. You will also receive a half-page critique that will discuss the overall changes the writer felt were necessary, in order that you clearly understand why those changes were made.

Editing is our forte ... don't get stuck without proper academic advice!

Our professional editors will critically analyze and edit your document with regard to the following criteria:


  • Appropriate level of writing (PhD, Graduate, Undergraduate, Business Writing)
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Passive voice corrected
  • Run-on sentences
  • Sentence fragments
  • Tense (consistency and appropriateness of present, past and future tense)
  • Punctuation
  • Common ESL issues (definite and indefinite articles, tense, number agreement etc.)
  • Inappropriate sexist or racist language (corrected with respect to inadvertent use of sexist or racist terminology)
  • Awkward sentence structure
  • Syntax
  • Capitalization
  • Content
  • Commonly misused words (e.g., they're for their; it's for its etc.)
  • Use of acronyms and abbreviations
  • Accuracy of technical language and terminology
  • Use of foreign words and phrases
  • Use of bold, underlining and italics
  • Highlight text for possible cuts (repetition, vague language and redundancies)


  • Consistency with relevant style guide (MLA, APA, Chicago Style etc.)
  • Correct citation style (with respect to footnotes, endnotes, parenthetical notes)
  • Margins
  • Page alignment
  • Consistent footers, note and page numbering
  • Design of Cover, Title and Copyright pages
  • Accuracy of the Table of Contents (reflecting headings, page numbering)
  • Table and Figure legends (numbering and text to reflect the given table)


  • Structural coherence of the document as a whole Introduction and Conclusion (relevance and integration into the body)
  • Cross-referencing within document
  • Headings (relevance to given sections)
  • Paragraph structure (topic sentences, lengths, transitions)
  • Structural redundancy
  • Logical flow of arguments

Let the experts help when it comes to editing any essay you are looking to improve. Our experienced editing experts will help you improve your mark by either showing you or correcting the mistakes themselves. When it comes to editing you can shop with confidence as we are a Canadian service with a 24-hour toll free hotline to call us if you have any questions.

If you are planning on writing your own essay from scratch or have already written it, why should you order our editing service? Here's why, check out the facts:

  1. We'll examine your work, make the changes needed to take your paper to the next grade -  guaranteed!

  2. We'll spot the mistakes that you didn't catch and make sure it's polished.

  3. We'll add perspective to your essay, a second opinion to reach your outcome.

  4. No need to guess if your essay is good enough, we'll make it so good you'll be proud to hand it in.

  5. For a low nominal fee you'll be on your way to handing in your paper with confidence.

Let us do our job – we do it very well!

What are you waiting for?!?!?! Pick up the phone and order now!