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Custom Law Essays

First Class Law Essay Writing Help

Writing law essays is quite tricky because they usually require students to resolve certain legal controversies. As a criminal justice student, you may find this to be an impenetrable and daunting task since you may not have much experience in writing law essay topics. However, with some assistance, you should be able to write a well-structured essay that answers the question at hand.

A good law or criminology essay must have:

  • A well-defined and clear thesis
  • A well-defined legal authority
  • Sophisticated legal terms and arguments
  • Critical analysis and evaluation
  • Direct, concise, and simple language

Writing a law essay is different from writing other essays because of the way the evidence is presented. Unfortunately, many universities don't teach students how they can write good legal essays. So, it's upon you as a student to research if you want to come up with a good grade on your exam, term paper, or legal brief.

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What do excellent law essays have in common?

Law schools have criteria they use to award grades on essays. To write a first-class law essay, you need to review past essays and see how they were written and how many marks were awarded. You'll notice that the best laws essays have certain features in common. These features include:

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of laws and legal terms
  • Attention to detail
  • Clear structure and a well-defended and stated argument (thesis)
  • A demonstration of wider knowledge of relevant policies, historical developments, academic controversies, etc. regarding the section of the law being tested
  • A critical and excellent approach in answering the posed questions, involving evaluation and analysis
  • Appropriate and correct use of ideas, arguments, and supporting sources
  • Inclusion of analysis or points of law that are less obvious
  • Appropriate and correct use of citation, paraphrasing, and quotations
  • Consideration of opposing sources and arguments
  • Flawless language and grammar, concise writing, and excellent style

In your law essay writing, ensure you consider the above features. You may know the law, but if you don’t know how to present it well, you may not score much. If you can write an essay that features all the features, then you'll get high marks.

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Law Essay Topics

In law essay writing, the question can take a variety of forms. These forms can be grouped into three categories, including:

Legal theory: These will require you to discuss why the law you are discussing takes the shape and form it currently has.

Legal reform: These questions will ask you to deal with or evaluate certain law reforms. They can also ask you to discuss whether certain parts of the law need reforms.

Legal history: These questions are mainly concerned with the gradual changes in certain sections of the law.

Ensure you are conversant with all these categories.

There's custom law and legal essay help

Working alone, you may not feel comfortable in writing a first-class law essay. But you need not worry; there's law essay help from We have experts in all branches of law who can write all types of essays for you, including custom law essays. Contact us today, and you won't regret.

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