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We work hard to ensure that every single client who hires us gets a lot of value out of their experience with us. It’s no surprise that we maintain a total satisfaction rate of well over 90% (even though we deal with tens of thousands of clients) – Whether you need an MLA research paper or statistics assignment help – we can help!

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Our best advice is to plan ahead. Look at your course syllabus and figure out when you're most likely to need us – then make sure you contact us early! Ordering a term paper from us with more than 7 days delivery makes for the best results. By giving us ample time to write the academic essay, takes the pressure off the writer and allows the paper writer to do their best.

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Our next best advice is that you use the essay we give you as a guide to write your own. It may be tempting to just hand in the essay you buy, but it really isn't a good idea. Firstly, by buying an essay from us, you agree that you won't hand it in, secondly, if your school ever found out, you could be expelled. This is another reason why planning ahead is number one on this list, to give yourself time to write your own essay based on ours. Writing is not easy which is why when you buy an essay from us you have the roadmap to successfully completing your own essay

If you’ve already written a paper and need us to review your essay order our essay editing services!

Thirdly, be organized. We mentioned above that we have a high satisfaction rate – well, the bulk of our clients who leave unsatisfied end up doing so because they neglected to mention something in their essay requirements when confirming their order. Our staff and writers can only give you what you ask for, nothing more. And if you don't ask for something up front, it will be very difficult to give it to you once the essay is already written. The more you tell us when you order, the easier the whole process is!

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