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Nursing Health Histories Assignment

Health Histories - Nursing Assignment

Real-time, accurate, and detailed information are vital in the diagnosis, care, management, and treatment of patients. There is a need for the health care physician attending to the patient to be provided with all the necessary information regarding the patient that will aid in coming up with a diagnosis and treatment. One of the most essential tools in enhancing accurate diagnosis and coming up with the appropriate response is in health histories. To understand better what health histories entail, this feature delves into what this important technique is, not only to the patient but also to the attending physician.

What is Health History?

Health histories entail the existing collection of essential information collected in an organized manner and that are specific to a particular individual. Health history represents a holistic analysis of all factors related to the patient's current health status.

The information in health histories is usually composed of biographical, physical, sociological, emotional, cultural, spiritual, sexual, and demographic data which are all essential in making a diagnosis and framing up an ideal treatment plan. The patient, relative, or acquittance of the patient can provide the medical history as required by the medical physician.

The medical history usually composes of structured questions, usually asked by the health care worker. The questions sometimes require a direct answer, while in some cases, require detailed explanations.

What is contained in health histories?

As mentioned, the doctor usually asks particular structured questions when asking about a patient's history. Some of the vital information in health histories include the following:

  • Patients chief complains- this entails the exact problem or issue that has brought the patient to the hospital for instance; pain, swelling, bleeding or any other general concern
  • History of presenting complaint- the attending physician will then ask about all the factors associated with the presenting illness, including the onset, aggravating and relieving factors, intensity, and any related factors
  • Past medical history- this involves asking questions about any previous health conditions
  • Drug history
  • Family history- the doctor will ask about any familial illnesses or medical conditions
  • Social-economic history- the doctor will ask about the job, social interactions, and any related factors
  • Obstetric and gynecological history- this is usually for the females

Importance of health history

Health histories play an important role in helping the attending doctor come up with an accurate diagnosis, understand the existing diseases, and framing up the right cause of action. The importance of health histories includes:

  • Coming up with the right diagnosis
  • Knowing the right treatment to give
  • Ruling out any genetic diseases that might run in families
  • Establishing the causative factor to the presenting illness
  • Understanding the intensity of the presenting complaint
  • Knowing the next step of action to take regarding the management and treatment

A patient's health history remains the single-most-important tool in offering guidance to the physicians and helping accurately manage the patient.

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