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Nursing Care Plan Assignment

Nursing Care Plan - Assignment Type

The nursing care plan, abbreviated as NCP, is an essential tool in the care and management of patients. This feature highlights what nursing care plans entail.

What is Nursing Care Plan?

A nursing care plan is the formal structural process that governs the correct identification of current needs and the acknowledgment of potential needs or existing risks. A nursing care plan is instituted, developed, monitored, and controlled by nurses in the care and management of patients. The care plan serves as a tool of communication among nurses, patients under their care, and healthcare colleagues to accomplish intended patient care and management outcomes.

The nursing care plan acts as a structural framework in patient care and management, enhancing consistency and quality monitoring and enhancement to achieve set goals and objectives in health care outcomes. The nursing care plans usually follow a set structure and format that captures the details of the patient care and management, including the goals and objectives of the nurse.

The importance of nursing care plans

There are several set goals and objectives in nursing care plans, which include the following:

  • Enhances holistic patient care that is inclusive of physical, social, psychological, and spiritual wholeness, associated with disease management and elimination.
  • Acts as a reference tool, providing evidence-based patient care, creating familiarity in patient care, and enabling management of diseases in hospital setups.
  • Acts as an evaluation tool in nursing care
  • Provides for identification and differentiation of set objectives for expected results
  • Serves as an assessment and evaluation of the communication and documentation process of the care plan
  • Creates essential programs including care bundles and pathways, important in the establishment of standards for patient care

Types of nursing care plans

There are several nursing care plans, which include:

  • Informal nursing care plan: This is a strategic plan of action in existence only in the nurse's mind and not documented on paper
  • Formal nursing care plan: This plan is written on paper or recorded in a computer system and used as a guide in patient care. Formal nursing care plans are further classified into standardized patient care and individualized patient care plans.

The function of a nursing care plan

Nursing care plans serve a very vital function in enhancing proper management of diseases and ensuring quality patient care. The purposes of NCP include;

  • Describes in detail the nurse's role
  • Pinpoints the direction for customized and standardized patient care
  • Guides continual patient care
  • Serves as proof of documentation of information regarding disease management and patient care
  • Serves as guidance in allocating staff particular duties
  • Highlights clients' care objectives
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