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Nursing SBAR Assignment Type

SBAR - Nursing Assignment Type

Communication is key for developing agreeable outcomes between individuals or teams. Many factors enhance effective communication, and experts from different quarters recommend specific approaches to enable smooth, effective, and informed communication. Essential techniques that guarantee good communication include timely, understandable, and fast means of communication. One of the most vital tools in the facilitation of prompt, accurate, and appropriate communication is the use of SBAR, an abbreviation for Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation. This feature highlights what SBAR entails in detail.

What is SBAR?

SBAR refers to a communication model ideally designed to enhance prompt and appropriate communication. This form of structured communication allows for a seamless flow of information between individuals or groups.

SBAR is widely used in hospital setups as a tool of communication between healthcare workers, usually between physicians and nurses. This mode of communication is usually preferred because of its promptness and accuracy with regard to detail and information.

Where is SBAR used?

In hospital settings, SBAR is normally used to communicate urgent and nonurgent patient details between the health professions. Some of the practical uses of SBAR include the following:

  • When health professionals are trying to resolve a patient's issue
  • In the routine daily hospital safety briefings
  • When the medical professions are changing shifts and handing over to the incoming team
  • During in-person communication or formal phone calls
  • During formal conversations among the health professions
  • When a health profession is trying to escalate concerns about a particular patient
  • When calling to action an emergency response team

Uses of SBAR

SBAR plays an important role in enhancing professional communication, calling for prompt action, and in the provision of accurate and timely vital information.

Various medical professional boards advocate SBAR for use as an effective tool of communication between physicians and nurses in hospitals for their official communication. In essence, the communication model allows nurses to send a complete and detailed message to attending physicians or other doctors regarding a patient's medical condition.

Effective use of SBAR

For effective use of SBAR either in oral or written communication, you should employ the tool as follows:

  • Situation: Present a brief statement regarding the existing problem. Ensure you disregard irrelevant information, only highlighting the relevant information
  • Background: Provide a precise general overview of the current situation, ensuring you capture all the vital information inclusive of names, dates, medication, and names of involved physicians
  • Assessment: Summarize your general view of the ongoing situation, keeping in mind expected investigations being requested
  • Recommendations: Ensure you clearly outline your request. The request should be specific about a suggested action and the time required for a particular situation to get resolved. presents a solution to all your essay writing needs at a professional and experienced level, meeting all your needs. Our team comprises of the sharpest, brightest, and focused minds that provide insightful, detailed, and well-researched essays. Contact our teams for all your essay writing needs.

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