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Custom Essay Writing - Dominican University College

Main Intro/History

Custom Essay Writing Dominican University College

Dominican University College is a Roman Catholic university in Ottawa that operates in two languages, English and French. It offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in philosophy and theology. The Dominican order has taught philosophy and theology since the thirteenth century, but the current Dominican University College began in 1900 as a Dominican house of study, and it took on its current form in 1967 when it merged with Montreal's L'Institut de pastorale des Domincains.

Vital Statistics

  • Motto: C'est l'université à taille humaine
    (motto of the Institut within the college)
  • No. of Faculty: less than 25
  • No. of Undergraduates: less than 200
  • No. of Postgraduates: about 50
  • Location: Ottawa
  • Sport Teams: Unknown
  • Colour: Blue and Yellow
  • Mascot: Unknown

The merger of the English and French schools led to the current university's bilingual focus.

Faculty & Academics

As a Dominican school, the college offers two degree programs, the first in philosophy and the second in theology. Within the philosophy program, students can concentrate on ethics or general philosophy. The French-language Institut offers studies in catechism as well. The degree programs can be pursued at the certificate, undergraduate, master's, or doctoral levels.

Student Life

Because the college is so small, the student experience is unique for each student. There is a student association, and students can also participate in an organization that works toward establishing Francophone solidarity in Ontario. Students can also participate in soccer at a local sports center.

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