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Waterloo Custom Essay Service - University of Waterloo

Main Intro/History

Waterloo essay writing service

The University of Waterloo is a research-intensive public university located in Waterloo, Ontario. It was founded in 1957 and is currently home to six faculties and four affiliated university colleges. Its graduates are located around Canada and more than 140 world countries, making it one of the most well-represented of Canada's major universities abroad.

The University was originally envisioned as a semi-autonomous faculty within the Lutheran-run Waterloo College, which later became Wilfrid Laurier University in response to the community's need for scientific and technical training at the collegiate level. As the semi-autonomous faculty grew in scope and size, it moved away from the campus of Waterloo College and in 1959 received a charter to become its own independent institution. Additional church-based colleges chose to affiliate with the University of Waterloo as university colleges, expanding the university's academic reach beyond science and technology. The University also absorbed Toronto's College of Optometry as its own School of Optometry.

Today, the University of Waterloo is a comprehensive university offering instruction in all major academic areas, though still best known for its focus on science and technology.

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Vital Statistics

  • Motto: Concordia cum veritate
  • No. of Faculty: 1099
  • No. of Undergraduates: 25400
  • No. of Postgraduates: 4200
  • Location: Waterloo, Ontario
  • Sport Teams: Waterloo Warriors
  • Colour: gold, black, white
  • Mascot: King Warrior

It also operates a School of Architecture (founded in 1967) in Cambridge, and the university also runs a Research and Technology Park adjacent to the main campus.

Faculty & Academics

Waterloo is a publicly funded research university operating on a three term system: fall, winter, and spring. The university's primary focus is on undergraduate education, which forms the bulk of its academic activities. Each year Waterloo awards more than four thousand bachelor's degrees and more than 1,200 postgraduate degrees (master's and Ph.D.). Waterloo is consistently ranked among Canada's best universities, among Canada's top ten and among the 200 best in the world. It is especially high ranked in surveys of science and engineering programs, a specialty of the university. Waterloo also ranked highly in surveys of job placement after college, ranking among the top ten in Canada and one of the top 150 worldwide.

Especially noteworthy academic programs at Waterloo include those in the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development; the engineering program (including civil engineering); computer science and information systems. The Electrical and Computer Engineering programs struck a controversial deal with Microsoft in 2002 to use the software giant's C# programming language and .Net framework in exchange for $2.3 million. The deal came under fire, and the university president eventually admitted mistakes were made but that the deal would not jeopardize the university's academic integrity. The Computer Science program was not affected by the deal.

Student Life

Residential students at the university live in one of nine residence communities. These are divided between those belonging to the University of Waterloo proper and smaller communities belonging to the affiliated university colleges. The affiliated university college residences follow faith based operations associated with their religious colleges, while the Waterloo residence communities are secular in nature. Residences are offered in both traditional dormitory style as well as suite-style accommodations.

In addition to the sports mascot, King Warrior, several societies and faculties within the university have their own mascot. These include the Natural Log for the Mathematics Society, the pink tie for the Mathematics Faculty, a pipe wrench named TOOL for the Engineering Society, Arriba the Amoeba for the Science Society, and several more.

Like all major universities, the University of Waterloo offers a wide range of clubs and activities geared toward academic, professional, and recreational interests. These include intramural, junior varsity, and varsity sports; professional organizations such as the Engineering Society and the Science Society; and various clubs devoted to social interests.

Recently, the campus has experienced a massive renovation, including the construction of a number of new buildings, and two schools, the Architecture School and the health sciences program, now operate out of their own campuses in Cambridge and Kitchener respectively.

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