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Custom Essay Writing for Royal Military College of Canada

Main Intro/History

Custom Essay Writing for Royal Military College of Canada

For nearly a century before the RMC was founded, military leaders had floated various proposals for a school to train future officers. Established in 1876, the Royal Military College of Canada is the country's official military academy, and the only federal institution with the power to grant degrees. In 1959, the government granted the school the power to grant undergraduate degrees in the arts, science, and engineering, which today are offered both in person and through distance learning. The College's first priority is the training of officer candidates in the armed forces.

Officer candidates are trained in bilingualism (English and French), leadership, communication, physical fitness, and ethics. The academic programs at the college are designed to promote interdisciplinary cooperation, international collaboration, and military readiness.

Vital Statistics

  • Motto: Truth, Duty, Valour
  • No. of Faculty: less than 200
  • No. of Undergraduates: 1000
  • No. of Postgraduates: 660
  • Location: Kingston, Ontario
  • Sport Teams: RMC Paladins
  • Colour: red and white
  • Mascot: RMC Paladin

The College is also one half of the longest-running international hockey rivalry in the world, RMC vs. West Point in the United States. In 2006, this competition was marked with a $100 gold coin.

Faculty & Academics

RMC offers 19 undergraduate programs and 34 graduate programs, including 14 doctoral programs. In addition, the Division of Continuing Studies offers undergraduate and graduate level programs. All undergraduate students complete a core curriculum in liberal arts, science, and military education, including economics, psychology, mathematics, English, calculus, military history of Canada, chemistry, Canadian history, physics and civics. Cadets can specialize in aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering, chemical and materials engineering, computer engineering (hardware or software streams), civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Additional programs are available in the natural sciences, computer science, mathematics, various humanities, and military science.

RMC is Canada's the first college to offer engineering degrees.

Student Life

RMC is a well regarded school, which routinely ranks near the top among Canadian universities. Due to its proximity to Queen's University, it receives many Queen's graduates into its postgraduate program.

First year students are introduced to the school during a grueling two-week period of orientation and military training, culminating in an obstacle course of thirteen obstacles that must be overcome in a period of two hours. After seven weeks, cadets are allowed access to family and friends and are allowed to leave campus, though only in uniform. Every class is obliged to perform mandatory community service projects. There are a wide number of student clubs and activities outside the classroom. Cadets take their meals at the mess hall. Socialization and recreation are governed by the school's fraternization policy.

Cadets stay in one of five dormitories, organized by squadron and separated by gender. The newest dorm, built in 2007, is a green building with a solar heating system.

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