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Custom Essay Writing for OCAD University

Main Intro/History

Custom Essay Writing for OCAD University

OCAD University, formerly the Ontario College of Art and Design, is Canada's oldest school for art and design, offering course work and academic programs geared toward those two areas. The school was founded in 1876 as the Ontario School of Art, which served as a professional training school for artists. After several name changes, it became the Ontario College of Art in 1912, adding design in 1996. In 2010, the college was promoted to a university, reflecting the changing emphasis from studio time to more academically-focuses programs.

Vital Statistics

  • Motto: Imagination Is Everything
  • No. of Faculty:102
  • No. of Undergraduates: 3880
  • No. of Postgraduates: 95
  • Location: Toronto
  • Sport Teams: None.
  • Colour: Silver
  • Mascot: None.

Today, the university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in a range of art and design topics.

Faculty & Academics

Recently, OCAD University was promoted from a college to a university, meaning that it could now offer graduate level degrees in addition to undergraduate degrees. In addition, the school's leadership has transitioned from an emphasis on studio time to a new emphasis on the academic study of art. As part of the new focus, instructors and faculty are now required to have advanced degrees in the field they teach. In addition to the BFA and a Bachelor of Design, the school offers master's programs in Art Media, Design, Criticism and Curatorial Practice, Strategic Foresight, Advertising, Inclusive Design, and the Digital Future.

Student Life

OCAD University is located beside the Art Gallery of Ontario in the heart of Toronto's Grange Park neighborhood. Students are represented by a student union, and the union or OCAD itself own and operate several galleries for the display of student work. The faculty and alumni include many prominent artists and performers.

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