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University of Toronto - Essay Writing

Main Intro/History

custom essay writing University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is Canada's largest university, as well as the oldest in Upper Canada. The school was founded in 1827 as King's College under the control of the Church of England and adopted its present name in 1850 when it became a secular institution. The university was founded because the residents of Canada recognized the need for an institution of higher learning on Canadian soil, but King's College rubbed many the wrong way because they came to resent religious control of the school, especially the reformist politicians who sought to distance Canada from British control and the Church of England.

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After secularization, the university continued to grow in size, establishing a federal structure with several federated colleges. In 1901, it opened the first academic press in Canada, and during the twentieth century the university expanded its course offerings and academic areas. It added significantly more resources to teaching sciences, technology, and environmental studies in this period. It became famous for the Toronto School of communication theory and literary criticism.

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Vital Statistics

  • Motto: Velut arbor ævot
  • No. of Faculty: 2547t
  • No. of Undergraduates: 33318t
  • No. of Postgraduates: 12732t
  • Location: Toronto
  • Sport Teams: Varsity Bluest
  • Colour: blue and whitet
  • Mascot: Trevor True Blue

Eventually, it became the comprehensive research institution known today, and thanks to the generosity of its alumni and sponsors, UT is the first Canadian college to amass an endowment of greater than one billion dollars.

Faculty & Academics

Most academic courses are offered through the Faculty of Arts and Science, which is responsible for the majority of undergraduate education. The university offers additional specialized course work and lecture series through its other faculties and federated colleges. Trinity College is offers programs in international relations, the University College in Canadian studies, Victoria College in Renaissance studies, Innis College in film studies, New College in gender studies, Woodsworth College in industrial relations and St. Michael's College in Medievalism. The second largest faculty at the university is the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering, the only other faculty to allow direct entry into a bachelor's program from high school.

The University of Toronto is especially famous for its contributions to literary criticism and communication theory, known collectively as the Toronto School. This school of thought holds that communication is the primary way human beings understand and interpret their world. It was put forth by such well-known UT figures as Marshal McLuhan and Harold Innis, who are internationally recognized for their contributions to communication theory. Today, the Toronto School continues on in the work of the Faculty of Information's McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, established in 1963. The university also has one of the most important centers for Slavic studies in North America.

Student Life

The center of student life at UT is Hart House, the neo-Gothic student activity centre, designed in 1919 to provide a common meeting place for students who were largely confined to their own dormitories and courses of study. Hart House served to bring students together with a common dining hall, barbershop, art gallery, and other amenities, eventually influencing other colleges' and universities' student activity centers, especially Willard Strait Hall at Cornell. Hart House provides financial support for many of the university's extensive list of clubs and activities.

Students are represented by three unions, one for full time undergraduate students, one for part time students, and one for graduate students. UT is also home to Canada's first collegiate fraternity, Zeta Psi, as well as more than a dozen fraternities and sororities today. A secret society, the Episkopon operates out of Trinity College.

Publications include the student newspaper, the Varsity; a literary magazine, The Hart House Review; and a community newspaper, The Newspaper. The campus radio station is CIUT-FM, and University of Toronto Television broadcasts student-produced content.

UT offers on campus housing primarily for first-year students since it has only 6,400 beds for a student population of more than 40,000. Most UT students live off campus.

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