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Sudbury Essay Writing Service - Laurentian University

Main Intro/History

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Laurentian University was incorporated in 1960 as a bilingual educational institution, and today it is the largest provider of distance education in Canada. Although the school focused primarily on undergraduate education, a new medical school opened in 2005, and the university is expanding its graduate offerings.

Laurentian University emerged from a turbulent period where a group of smaller, religious colleges mutually affiliated in order to improve their services to students. The oldest of these colleges was the Jesuit school of Sacré-Coeur, founded in 1913. Some of these schools remained affiliated within Laurentian University, while others dissolved their affiliation over time. Today, Laurentian is a midsized undergraduate university of 9,000 students with a growing graduate program.

Laurentian University is the only major university located in a city whose primary industry is mining, and as such it has close ties to the mining industry. The university offers one of Canada's only mining engineering degrees.

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Vital Statistics

  • Motto: Emitte lucem et veritatem
  • No. of Faculty: several hundred
  • No. of Undergraduates: 9000
  • No. of Postgraduates: 500+
  • Location: Sudbury, Ontario
  • Sport Teams: Voyageurs (men's) and Lady Vees (women's)
  • Colour: gold and blue
  • Mascot: Voyageur

Aside from the overall administration of the university, each of the affiliated colleges has its own chancellor and administration as well.

Faculty & Academics

Aside from offering one of Canada's only mining engineering degrees, Laurentian University offers a wide variety of undergraduate majors in a range of categories: Arts (humanities and social sciences), sciences, professional programs, management, and medicine. A new school of architecture has also opened. The university is well known for its commerce and administration program, one of the oldest offered by the university. It also offers education degrees in both English and French. Most of Ontario's French-speaking teachers are graduates of Laurentian University's francophone education program.

Graduate programs are offered in the sciences, nursing, history, social sciences, health, and psychology.

Student Life

Students at Laurentian University are represented by two competing student unions, one francophone and the other bilingual. Students may join either union regardless of language, and many will switch affiliation during their time at the school because the two do not offer identical services, and students shop around for the best match as their needs change. Students live in five different types of university residences, including furnished apartments reserved for "mature/married" students with more than 90 university credits.

The student radio station is CKLU 96.7, which offers programming in both English and French. The university offers two student newspapers, one in English and the other in French.

Sports are offered at the club, junior varsity, and varsity levels in many major sports. The Lady Vees varsity basketball team is the most successful in the women's division of Canadian Interuniversity Sport, earning more titles than any other.

Laurentian is only the third Canadian school to have its own pipe band and the second to design its own tartan. The pipe band was founded in 2007 and is divided into march and concert divisions.

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